At Brixey & Meyer,

we’re more than accountants.

Our Dayton TeamWe’re an eclectic mix of business strategists, advisors and passionate professionals focused on bringing out the best in ourselves and in our clients. On building relationships that last. On giving our all every day.

We don’t just focus on the details – we push for the big picture so you can grow. We’re not just about the bottom line, we’re also about the opportunity that has yet to be defined.

Want to know what it’s like to work with us?  Well, here are a few details about Brixey & Meyer:

  • We were founded on the belief that businesses should have access to the best thinking without having to pay prices that are beyond the reach of their budget.
  • We believe that accountants should do more than crunch numbers. So we do more. We uncover. We dig. We understand. We recommend. We advocate.
  • We support local charities because giving back matters. We have fun. We like our work, our clients and each other.
  • We’re part of the BDO Alliance USA. It gives us access to global resources and services so our clients never have to worry about having the best thinking, leadership and insight available to them.