Retirement Plan Administration

Are you in need of a retirement plan specialist?
Brixey & Meyer provides you with the consulting and technical expertise needed to ensure your Plan Design, Plan Implementation, and Plan Administration are compliant and of the highest quality, so that your retirement plans are driving value for you and your team. Our goal is to take the confusion and decision making out of your plan administration duties and give you a peace of mind.

How can a retirement plan specialist help you?
Brixey & Meyer will focus on maximizing the efficiency of your current retirement plan administration, growing your retirement plan over time, and working to create a positive service experience that will increase your employees’ satisfaction and retention.

Our Third-Party Administration Services include:

Plan Design & Implementation:

We can design plans from the very simple to the very complex. We’ll work with you to design a plan that best suits each business, its owners, and its employees. But that happens only after we fully understand your needs and concerns. We always have our clients’ best interests top of mind. Once the design is determined, we will manage all the details involved in setup and installation.

Plan Document Services:

The most modern day technological based document system is used by our firm. When combining experience with the best in technology we can efficiently design and maintain plan documents at a low cost. A plan document is highly detailed, describing the type of plan, its method of operation and any special features included to meet specific business goals. Our experts will ensure your plan document, summary plan description, and related forms meets all regulations, clearly outlining day-to-day operations.

Employee Enrollment/Education/Support:

Our clients utilize strong education campaigns to make sure the employees are taking full advantage of this company benefit.

Annual Compliance Testing:

When it comes to rules under the DOL and IRS we are here to make sure your plan is run properly.

Preparation and Filing of IRS Forms:

Accurate, Efficient, and Timely. When it comes to Government reporting, we have a streamlined process and take responsibility for our clients. We can prepare and file IRS Form 5500, IRS Form 8955-SSA, IRS Form 945, IRS Form 1099-R, and IRS Form 5330.

Plan Corrections, DOL & IRS Audit Support

We love getting into the details and analyzing the facts to determine how to minimize the impact of a failure and have them corrected. Let us take the load off you and assist with any DOL & IRS Audit Support or Compliance Issues that need attention.

Plan Termination and/or Plan Mergers:

Sometimes it happens… a retirement plan runs off the rails. And when it does, B&M has the expertise needed to step in when called, identify any problems, fix them, and communicate with those involved, including the IRS and DOL. Additionally, if you are looking at a retirement plan merger or a termination, we can help ensure these complex processes run smoothly.

How We Add Value:
Maximize the efficiency of the plan you have now, increase employee satisfaction & retention, and ensure compliance with complex rules & regulations.

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