Human Resources

We value people.

We partner with companies to help them find, develop and retain great people to build healthy teams and cultures.

Our goal is to help you achieve greater clarity, accountability, and results.

We offer a variety of Human Resource services:

Minimize Employment Distractions | HR Legal Compliance & Advisement

• HR audits

• Employee handbook & policy review, revision, creation

• HR legal process creation

• Job description review & creation

Find, Develop, & Keep Top Talent | Talent Acquisition & Engagement

• Outsourced recruiting

• Training & development workshops (Hiring, performance management, retention)

• Employee retention strategies

• Human capital process creation (Hiring, onboarding, off-boarding)

Ignite Strong Cultures & Teams | Organizational Development & Alignment

• Strategic planning & alignment

• Employee engagement & surveying

• Manager development workshops

• Leadership coaching

• Behavioral assessments

Outsourcing Roles, Departments, or Functions

• Outsourced recruiting

• Fractional HR support

• Employee relations advisement

• Internal HR investigations

What to expect:




It is our commitment to keep you engaged and informed throughout this process!


    — Survey finds 84 percent of U.S. workers say poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress.

    — Over one-third of American workers (41 percent) believe their direct manager could benefit from additional training in communication skills. Other areas for improvement include training and developing their teams (cited by 38 percent of respondents); time management, delegation and prioritizing (37 percent); managing team performance (35 percent); and cultivating a positive and inclusive team culture (35 percent).

    — Half of American workers (50 percent) believe it would help them improve their own work performance if their direct supervisor's people management skills were improved.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do we know what HR services we need when we are not sure ourselves?

    When you partner with Brixey & Meyer’s HR Services team, it is our primary duty to get to know you and your needs. This helps us determine what makes sense for your business. During these conversations, we discuss your past and immediate challenges and successes as well as where you want to go. When we recommend our services, we make sure they align with who you are and what you need. As you grow, we make it a point to grow with you by recommending solutions that meet your needs.

    What services do you provide?

    Our HR Services provide services ranging from one-off projects (e.g. – the creation of Employee Handbooks, and building HR processes) to supplementing your HR function with outsourced HR support (e.g. – recruiting, day-to-day HR support). In addition, we work with organizations to build great cultures and teams (e.g. – organizational development, leadership/management development, and coaching, team-building, strategic planning). We pride ourselves on being flexible to align our services with what you need.

    We cannot seem to find great people to hire? Help!

    Our recruiting services focus on finding you the right people for the role, the team, and the organization. Our process starts with an in-depth intake where we learn about the role, the team, the organization, and other key items. From there, we create solid tools to attract passive and active candidates. On a weekly basis, we sent out reports and have calibration meets to ensure we are aligned with you/your needs. When we identify candidates, we help you vet them and keep them engaged in the process. We are not satisfied until you find a great fit for both you and the candidate.
    • Steve and his team at Brixey & Meyer is the foundation of our recruiting process. We value their professionalism and skill set in candidate prospecting, screening, and assessment. They understand our culture and the value proposition to the segment of candidates we need to attract. Also, the Brixey & Meyer recruiting model has an innovative and win-win approach to pricing.”

      Mike Nemeth

      President | Elliot Tool Technologies Ltd.
    • “The Dayton Society of Natural History is unique in many ways. One of those includes a staff over 70 who work in a variety of positions. We have everything from artists, teachers, facilities, housekeeping, guest services, and even zoo animal care. We are just at that size where it makes sense to do our human resources internally, and yet small enough that it might make more sense to outsource our HR needs. Here is where Brixey & Meyer have saved the day for us! Working with Steve Black, we are able to have manager training, ask for advice on more complicated or new HR concerns, and grow our skills internally. This relationship allows us to run our HR internally while having deep expertise just a call away when needed. What a relief for me as the CEO and our CFO. This partnership saves us money and time and provides the total HR package we need. Working with Steve is an absolute delight. He listens to our concerns, provides exceptional trainings for our diverse set of managers, and offers one-on-one coaching as needed. It is clear his priority is to help us not to “sell” us. I highly recommend Brixey & Meyer to other organizations. It was a tough choice to let our HR Manager go but we have zero regrets. It was a great business decision that has helped our bottom line while increasing our managerial skills and HR competencies.”

      Tracey Tomme

      Dayton Society of Natural History | President & CEO


    Steve Black
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