Retirement Plan 

We value your future.

We will clarify your understanding of retirement planning, and work together to create a plan that works best for you and your company.

We will maximize the efficiency of your retirement plan and help it to grow while maintaining compliance and providing a positive experience for you and your employees.

We offer a variety of retirement plan administrative services:

Plan Design & Implementation

We will work together to create a custom plan for your business.

Plan Document Services

We combine experience with the best technology to design and maintain a plan document at a low cost.

Employee Entrollment/ Education/ Support

We teach you how to implement strong education campaigns to make sure the employees are taking full advantage of your company's benefit.

Annual Compliance Testing

When it comes to rules under the DOL and IRS we are here to make sure your plan is accurate and effective.

Preparation and Filing of IRS Forms

We can prepare and file IRS Form 5500, IRS Form 8955-SSA, IRS Form 945, IRS Form 1099-R, and IRS Form 5330 with our streamlined process that offers accuracy, efficiency, and promptness.

Plan Corrections, DOL & IRS Audit Support

We assist with any DOL & IRS Audit Support or Plan Compliance Issues that need attention and help to minimize and correct the impact of a plan failure.

Plan Termination and/or Plan Mergers

If you are looking at a retirement plan merger or a termination, we can help ensure these complex processes run smoothly.

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What to expect:




It is our commitment to keep you engaged and informed throughout this process!


— 64% of Americans will retire with $10,000 or less in their retirement accounts. While that might sound like a significant amount now, it’s not nearly enough to live on once you stop working.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a retirement plan if I own a business?

Yes, everyone should be contributing to an employer sponsored retirement plan. Assuming the sale of your business is going to be your retirement plan, is leaving all your eggs in one basket and very risky. There are a lot of tax advantages for a business owner to maintain a retirement plan for themselves and their employees.

Should I open a Simple 401(k) Plan or a 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan?

Both are great options, the main differences between the two plans are the IRS funding limits, and the type of money you can put into the plans. For example, a Simple Plan only allows Pre-Tax Deferrals, whereas a Traditional 401(k) Plan allows both Pre-Tax Deductions and Roth Deductions. Its best to have a conversion with someone at Brixey & Meyer to help you to better understand your options. The wrong decision can leave a lot of money on the table.

When is it time to change from a SEP IRA or a Simple Plan to establish a 401(k) Plan?

You will want to consider moving away from a SEP IRA Plan if you are hiring employees, most times it is no longer the best plan design available. You will want to consider moving from a Simple Plan to a Traditional 401(k) or Safe Harbor Plan when you or your employees would like to fully fund annual IRS 401(k) deduction limits. The different funding limits can be very substantial.
  • “The team at Brixey and Meyer has been amazing to work with. Relationship is key and we very much value the one we have built together.”

    Brian Horwitz

    CFO | Field Aerospace
  • "All levels of interaction and client service at Brixey & Meyer have been timely, responsive and pleasant. Enjoy working with the team very much."

    Adam Armstrong 

    BCVA | Partner
  • "Brixey & Meyer is a trusted advisor and partner to my company, providing support ranging from 401(k) management to strategic investments. The team has a no-nonsense approach that gives us the data we need to remain compliant and to make sure we are effectively using our financial resources. Brixey & Meyer is proactive, making sure we are on top of regulatory issues that affect our business. For a small business, having the kind of expertise that Doug and his team provides to us is invaluable."

    Teresa Macalolooy

    Macalogic | CEO


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Our Retirement Plan Administration Leader, Jill Proud, can help! Email her here.
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